Alberta Liberal party unveils education platform
Alberta Liberal party unveils education platform

(Albert Liberals)

By rdnewsNOW Staff

$1.2 billion

May 18, 2023 | 10:58AM

The Alberta Liberal party has unveiled their education platform aimed at supporting teachers and improving outcomes for students.

“Education enriches lives and builds strong economies. Albertans have told us strong public K to 12 are a top priority. And we listened. We are here to give Albertans a better choice on education,” said Alberta Liberal Leader John Roggeveen.

“We know overcrowded classrooms hurt the academic performance of students and burn teachers out. Yet the NDP and conservative governments have continued to ignore class size guidelines compromising the education of Alberta’s students. Guidelines do not go far enough. We are calling for class size caps to ensure every student gets the education they deserve.

“To further improve our classrooms we are also advocating for more funding for inclusive education, mental health supports in the classroom, and reversal of the ill-conceived and ideological UCP curriculum review.


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