Catholic Bishop Faults Angolans Who Downplay National Health, Education Facilities

Bishop Camuto emphasized the need to safeguard human life in the development of Angola’s infrastructure, saying, “We should always take into account that man is the essential factor for the functioning of these structures.”

He went on to advocate for simplicity. He said, “Angolans have a habit of complicating things, especially at work. If we can make life difficult for the other and don’t feel compassion, don’t feel pain, don’t feel sorry for the brother, I don’t know where we are heading to.”

Complexity on the part of Angolans, the 59-year-old Catholic Bishop who has been at the helm of Caxito Diocese since his Episcopal Ordination in August 2020 said, “is scaring investors from Angola.”

“It is so difficult and complicated to create a company in this country,” the Spiritan who was appointed Bishop in June 2020 said, adding, “That is why foreigners are fleeing; they do not want to invest in Angola.”

He continued in reference to Angola’s head of State, João Lourenço“The president has toured several countries to attract businessmen to invest in Angola but nobody wants to come because they know that Angolans are complicated.”

“We need to change and we Christians must be ahead and be the factor for change,” Bishop Camuto said.

He urged the people of God in Angola to “show our brothers (and sisters) that life should not be so complicated to make things easier for others.”

Joao Vissesse contributed to the writing of this article

ACI Africa Staff

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