Deal reached to end 11-day strike by education workers at Carleton University

Carleton University has reached a tentative agreement with the union representing teaching assistants, ending an 11-day strike by education workers at the Ottawa university.

CUPE announced late Thursday evening that the CUPE Local 4600 bargaining committee representing teaching assistants finalized a tentative deal with the university.

On Wednesday, the university and the union representing Unit 2, contract instructors, had reached a tentative agreement, and classes would resume.

More than 3,000 contract instructors and teaching assistants went on strike on March 27 to back demands for a new contract. CUPE had said the main issue in the dispute was wages, but the contract instructors said they were also concerned about intellectual property rights.

Contract talks resumed last weekend between Carleton University and CUPE Local 4600 with the help of a mediator.

The strike ends just days before the final day of classes for the winter term at Carleton University on Wednesday. Final examinations for the full winter and fall/winter courses will be held between April 15 and 27.

Details of the settlement between the contract instructors and the university will be released upon ratification.


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