Richest Doctors In Nigeria And Their Networth 2023: Top 9

Richest doctors in Nigeria: Believe it or not, doctors are like billionaires when compared with other professions in Nigeria. In most universities, students of Medicine and Surgery are given the highest respect because it seems like the Nigerian society actually value them more than any other profession. This apparently the same reason why doctors get […]

More kindergartners, families will benefit from pilot expansion

A pilot has expanded to nearly double the number of schools in B.C., providing more families with access to affordable early learning and child care, before and after school, conveniently located in the kindergarten classroom. “Adding more Seamless classrooms means providing continuity for more B.C. kids and peace of mind to more B.C. parents,” said Rachna Singh, Minister of […]

2023/2024 Best JAMB Apps For Mobile Phone/PC

In my article on how to prepare and pass JAMB examination, i laid much emphasis on how important it is to manage your time when writing JAMB examination. Coupled with that, I noted that one of the ways to learn time management is through JAMB CBT apps. Well, that is exactly why I wrote this […]

N.L.’s pre-kindergarten pilot program falling short, so far

Newfoundland and Labrador has 13 licenced sites for its pre-kindergarten pilot program. When announced, the province promised the program would be in 35 schools. (CBC) The government of Newfoundland and Labrador has, so far, fallen short on its promise to have a pre-kindergarten pilot program in place at 35 schools in 28 communities across the province.  The goal […]

Most Developed Countries in Africa 2023: Top 14

Top 12 Most Developed Countries in Africa 2023: A developed country has a developed economy, a stable and efficient government, a sturdy infrastructure, a strong educational system, plentiful employment possibilities, extensive health and social services, and a high level of personal freedom. Countries that fall just short of these targets are categorized as developing. Those […]

Massachusetts education reform — some successes but lots more to do

It is troubling that education reform is threatened from a couple of different directions. One threat is complacency, the belief that our top status in the nation’s report card means we should do nothing differently, rest on our laurels, and simply bear down harder with existing strategies and tools even though these have left so […]

$4.1 million announced for the Seamless Day Kindergarten pilot program

In an effort to provide additional child care spaces to young families, the provincial government introduced a pilot program to provide child care in kindergarten classrooms across B.C. On Monday, it was announced that more families will soon be able to access the program. “This program right here is the start. We start off our […]

Cost Of Building A House In Nigeria 2023 (Complete Breakdown)

Cost Of Building a House in Nigeria: Shelter is a basic necessity desirous for our Survival, and a House provides Shelter for us. This is why Houses are everywhere in Nigeria as we the citizens cannot do without living in a House. Thus, everyone needs a house and everyone must live in a house for […]

Salary Of Accountants In Nigeria 2023: See How Much They Earn

Salary of accountants in Nigeria: The compensation structure of accountants in Nigeria in 2023 is something that many people are interested in learning about, given that accounting or accountancy is one of the most prestigious professional programmes in Nigerian institutions and is also quite competitive. People sometimes wonder how much accountants really make per month […]

Most Popular Programming Languages ​​(2023 Ranking): Top 14

Most Popular Programming Languages: The demand for programming skills seems to grow by the minute and it has become a very lucrative venture flowing from the last decade. Developers and programmers are also among the highest paid earners, with a whopping 13-17% increase in amass income. For this reason alone, a lot of people are […]