Teaching Tommy Orange’s There There: Part Three

Teaching Tommy Orange’s There There: Part Three | huffenglish.com Images used in accordance with Creative Commons Larry D. Moore CC BY-SA 4.0 and Fair Use for Educational Purposes In my previous posts, I shared how my teaching partner James and I prepare students for reading There There and how we teach the novel’s Prologue. In […]

Clarke eyes greater gov’t pre-primary spend, means-based financing of tertiary education | Lead Stories

With administrators continuing to be on the edge of their seats, to see whether there will be a surge in teacher migration come August, Dr Nigel Clarke, minister of finance and the public service, has reiterated that Jamaica spends the second highest on education among Caribbean territories. While speaking at the closing ceremony for the […]

Teaching Tommy Orange’s There There: Part Two

Teaching Tommy Orange’s There There: Part Two | huffenglish.com In  my previous post, I discussed how my teaching partner James and I approach pre-teaching or setting the context forTommy Orange’s novel There There.  The Prologue introduces readers to a lot of history that many of them might not know. James and I decided that this […]

An Afghan Woman On What The Ban On Women’s Education Means

In the silence of the night, when the moonlight enveloped the world outside my bedroom, and everyone else slept warmly under their quilts, questions about the world pressed on my mind. Like the cold breeze that found its way through the cracks in our living room window despite the heavy curtains being drawn failed to […]

How Do We Define and Measure “Deeper Learning”?

“Students can’t learn in an absence of feedback,” Pellegrino said. “It’s not just assessing, but providing feedback that’s actionable on the part of students.” HOW TO SUPPORT DEEPER LEARNING THROUGH POLICY In order for deeper learning to become the norm rather than the exception, it has to be a priority for local, state, and national […]

A High-Quality Education Means What, Exactly?

This November California voters may assign our state courts some unwelcome homework: Politico’s California Playbook notes that several different education-right initiatives are circulating. All would add to our state constitution a right to “high-quality” public schools or education. That’s arguably useful because California’s constitutional right to education has never been defined to set a particular […]

Where Can It Lead? –

For us in the field of educators, pursuing advanced education has become increasingly important to unlock new career opportunities and achieve professional growth. I have come to recognize that obtaining a Doctor of Education (EdD) degree can be a transformative step towards career advancement and leadership roles. Pursuing an EdD (Doctor of Education) degree is […]

Biden’s Education Department Delays Defining Campus Antisemitism

(This article previously appeared in the Jewish Currents email newsletters; subscribe here!) As December 2022 approached, Palestinian-rights advocates grew nervous. That was the month by which the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) had promised to issue a new rule for assessing complaints of anti-Semitism, to comply with former President Donald Trump’s 2019 […]

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona refuses to define ‘woman’ during the House hearing

Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona dodged questions from Rep. Andrew Clyde on Tuesday, when the Georgia Republican asked the Biden administration what it means to be a “woman.” The tense back-and-forth took place during a House Appropriations Committee hearing where Cardona defended proposed changes to Title IX rules that would make it illegal for schools […]