Broaden definition of education for children in care to better support their development, study urges

Credit: CC0 Public Domain The education of care-experienced children should be redefined to include a much broader range of activities to better support their development and success, a new study says. Those who have been looked after perceive education in a much wider way than other young people, including their life experiences and social skills […]

EduTwitter: What Now? |

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash I’ve seen a lot of teachers on Twitter, or X, or whatever we’re supposed to call it, wondering what we are going to do now that Twitter’s demise seems inevitable. Twitter has been a wonderful place for educators to gather over the years. I’ve made so many friends through […]

What AI Means For The Future Of Education

Our young people are leading the adoption and advancement of these new technologies. getty Artificial intelligence is changing the world. The world’s attention is now fixed on the unfolding impact of Generative AI tools on knowledge and creator economies. Schools, serving as the very epicenters of knowledge and creative work, may well be the first […]

What FP Canada in-house education means for financial planning

“[W]e are committed to ensuring that all Canadians have access to trusted, professional and qualified advice,” Tashia Batstone, president and CEO of FP Canada, said in a release announcing the change. “Central to this mission is ensuring that all QAFP professionals and CFP professionals are equipped with the best possible technical and professional skills.” Jason […]

CBSE board exam results | One exam doesn’t define a person’s ability, says Education Minister Pradhan

Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan. Files | Photo Credit: Biswaranjan Rout “One exam does not define a person’s ability” and “success comes to those who never give up” are some of the messages Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan had for Class 10 and Class 12 students whose results were announced by the CBSE on May […]

Let’s define “high quality” education so we can build it

The most important question educators ask when we design curriculum is, What is it we want students to learn? If we don’t know the purpose and goals of our work, how can we evaluate students or respond if some of them are not learning? This process of identifying the purpose of the first lesson is […]

A One Stop Interactive Teaching Tool for ESL Learners –

Are you an ESL teacher looking for ideas and ESL games to spice up your lesson plans? Have you been searching high and low to break up the monotony in your classroom? Fret not! Here at ESL Resources & Activities – English Teaching 101, we got your back! Let’s face it, teaching English as a […]

How to Use Green Screen for Remote Teaching

Nowadays, many online ESL teachers incorporate green screens into their lectures as there are numerous ways to use them to elevate your lessons. In fact, green screens have grown so popular among online ESL teachers and students that some organizations or schools even urge their instructors to use them. Undeniably, to get your green screen […]

FL school board members demand an answer on behalf of parents to define what a woman is: ‘No clear-cut answer’

A Florida school board member asked during a school board meeting how “woman” was defined in a proposed sex education curriculum, noting that parents wanted a clear answer to weigh whether to pull their children out of the district. Broward County Public Schools have been debating on the proposed sex education curriculum since the district […]

Past Perfect Simple and Continuous

What Is Past Perfect Continuous? Past perfect continuous tense, also called past perfect progressive, shows something that both started and ended in the past using the helper “had” with “been” and the present participle form (-ing) of any continuous verb. Two actions that occurred in the past are frequently illustrated against each other to show […]