What the DeSantis agenda means for higher education in Florida

Governor Ron Desantis has signed a new Florida higher ed law. Florida public colleges are now banned from offering general ed classes that “distort significant events” or “teach identity politics.” The law also bans state schools from using public money for diversity programs. Critics are calling it an attack on the very purpose of a […]

Biden’s Education Department Delays Defining Campus Antisemitism

(This article previously appeared in the Jewish Currents email newsletters; subscribe here!) As December 2022 approached, Palestinian-rights advocates grew nervous. That was the month by which the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) had promised to issue a new rule for assessing complaints of anti-Semitism, to comply with former President Donald Trump’s 2019 […]

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona refuses to answer ‘What is a woman?’

Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona repeatedly refused to offer a definition of a woman during an Appropriations Committee hearing on the Department of Education’s budget Tuesday. During the hearing, the first time Cardona was tested before the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-GA) asked the secretary to define what a woman is. WATCH: […]

Coach Education Definitions – Canada Soccer

February 2022 Coach Education Definitions Academic Review Board: A body set up by the Convention Member to review concerns of fairness and equity and to consider appeals on course level decisions of coach educators (including assessments) made by student-coaches. Coach Education Panel Members: A member of the Concacaf Coach Education Panel, which is responsible for […]