Crafting Your STEM Education Definition | by Andrew B. Raupp | Age of Awareness

A Guide for Practitioners to Foster Innovation and Collaboration Image: Getty ID# 1393183265 / Man Writing In Journal Written by: Andrew B. Raupp / @stemceo In the fast-paced world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education, practitioners face the challenge of keeping up with the rapidly evolving landscape. One key aspect of this challenge […]

What the Supreme Court’s Affirmative Action Ban Means for College Admissions | Applying to College

Whether colleges and universities should consider race or ethnicity as part of the admissions process has been widely debated in higher education for decades. The US Supreme Court justices originally heard these challenges to race-conscious admissions in October in two cases: Students for Fair Admissions v. President and Fellows of Harvard College, and Students for […]

10 Practical Tips for Your Teaching Profession Advancement –

Teaching is an ever-evolving profession that demands continuous growth and improvement. As educators, you strive to provide the best learning experience for your students and stay at the forefront of educational innovation. Whether you’re a seasoned teacher or just starting out, this article is here to guide you on your journey of teaching profession advancement. […]

‘One exam doesn’t define…’ Education minister’s message after CBSE 12th result

Union Education minister Dharmendra Pradhan on Friday congratulated students who have qualified in the Class 12 board exam 2023. Pradhan also shared a special message with students who could not meet their expectations. CBSE results 2023 live updates. Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has tweeted congratulating CBSE students on Class 12 board exam results (ANI) “Heartily […]

Conditional Sentences. | My English Blog

What is a Conditional? A grammar device that shows possible results from certain situations is called a “conditional.” The presence of the word “if” will usually call attention to them, and some have actually nicknamed them “if” sentences. There are several types, but three “basic conditionals” are used most frequently. FIRST CONDITIONAL This situation is […]

Defining impact: a shift in thinking, acting and being

An exercise of academic opening-up has been taking place. The growing orientation of university research and teaching towards global challenges and local demands in recent years promotes active engagement with external stakeholders. This appears in the identification and definition of challenges, as well as in research and learning processes. It is what is known as […]