PragerU To Be Allowed in Florida Schools: What it Means

“How To Be a Rational Patriot” “How To Be a Victor & Not a Victim” “How To Embrace Your Masculinity” / “How To Embrace Your Femininity” These are some of the videos produced by PragerU Kids, a resource for schools approved by the Florida Department of Education, the company announced July 20. PragerU Kids is […]

What AI Means For The Future Of Education

Our young people are leading the adoption and advancement of these new technologies. getty Artificial intelligence is changing the world. The world’s attention is now fixed on the unfolding impact of Generative AI tools on knowledge and creator economies. Schools, serving as the very epicenters of knowledge and creative work, may well be the first […]

The 8 Secret Formulas to Make Child Study and Do Homework –

One of the major concerns of every parent today is getting their child to do assignments on time and effectively. So when it comes to homework, it’s always a difficult part for parents to handle the fuss around it. However, parents involved in their children’s homework are more likely to see them succeed in school. […]

The Education Department’s new third-party services definition won’t go into effect until September

Listen to the article 6 min This audio is auto-generated. Please let us know if you have feedback. Acknowledging widespread concern from colleges, contractors and associations, the US Department of Education is pushing back by four months — until September — the start date for a broadened definition of organizations that are third-party servicers under […]

Indra and Minsait, accoladed as top employer brands for their work environment and career development | Atascreen

Indra, one of the leading global technology and consulting companies, trading under the Minsait and Indra employer brands, has received its Top Employer certificate for the fifth year in a row. The certification is the result of a comprehensive analysis that evaluates all the talent management processes and also incorporates the findings of an audit […]


The end of the school year is finally here. We have a long summer ahead to enjoy and have fun. Some of you have asked me to write a post with some activities to help you improve your English while on holiday. I hope you like it. LISTENING SKILLS SHORT PODCASTS You can use them […]