The Online Reading Tool You’ve Missed Out On –

Creating an intensive lesson plan is a pressing job, especially for some teachers who juggle multiple classes from different grades. You don’t want to accidentally use a 3rd Grade material to teach a 4th Grade class. No worries. Read theory is the hero every English teacher needs. It is not a literal ‘theory’ for reading. […]

Teaching In The Age Of AI Means Getting Creative

ILLUSTRATION BY EMILY SCHERER Alarm bells seemed to sound in teachers’ lounges across America late last year with the debut of ChatGPT — an AI chatbot that was both easy to use and capable of producing dialogue-like responses, including longer-form writing and essays. Several writers and educators went so far as to even forecast the […]

In the quest to transform education, putting purpose at the center is key

Education systems transformation is creating buzz among educators, policy makers, researchers and families. For the first time, the UN secretary general convened the Transforming Education Summit around the subject in 2022. In tandem, UNESCO, UNESCO Institute for Statistics, UNICEF, the World Bank, and the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) co-authored “From Learning Recovery […]