In a school funding lawsuit, Edelblut avoids defining ‘adequate education’ – New Hampshire Bulletin

The latest lawsuit challenging New Hampshire’s school funding model hinges on a key question: How much must the state pay to provide a constitutionally adequate education? Testimony Tuesday by Department of Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut suggests that the answer may be hard for a judge to lock down. During more than an hour of questioning […]

Teaching Tommy Orange’s There There: Part One

Teaching Tommy Orange’s There There: Part One | Tommy Orange discusses Native writers, his process, and his book There There Is it just me, or is February the busiest time of the year? I’ve been meaning to start this blog series on teaching Tommy Orange’s phenomenal novel There There for a long while, but […]

The 8 Secret Formulas to Make Child Study and Do Homework –

One of the major concerns of every parent today is getting their child to do assignments on time and effectively. So when it comes to homework, it’s always a difficult part for parents to handle the fuss around it. However, parents involved in their children’s homework are more likely to see them succeed in school. […]

Conditional Sentences. | My English Blog

What is a Conditional? A grammar device that shows possible results from certain situations is called a “conditional.” The presence of the word “if” will usually call attention to them, and some have actually nicknamed them “if” sentences. There are several types, but three “basic conditionals” are used most frequently. FIRST CONDITIONAL This situation is […]